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[Image: negkNU.jpg]

Write a custom post about DOGEMAC and post it to on Facebook. All posts must be current! Posting about past news will not be approved.

100 Friends/Followers: MacOne V 3.1
500 Friends/Followers: MacA V 2.1
5000 Friends/Followers: MacProOne V 1.1
10,000 Friends/Followers: MacTwo V 3.2

  • Your post and # friends/followers must be public.
  • An account only qualifies once, no matter how many posts you make.
  • Please do not spam your posts.
  • Posts other than English language will be take longer time to approved.
  • Failure to follow this rule will invalidate your entry.

How to participate:
  • Once your post is made and posting, include the following links to your post’s description:
  • A link to our website: https://dogemac.com

Submission instructions:
Submit your facebook bounty reward by replying this thread. Filling out the details information such as your Post Link, etc.
All post will be evaluated and verified before payment.

We reserve the right to consider any videos made through any account ineligible for this campaign.
Total friends will be counted after 3 days from the time of the post’s official publication date and time. After 3 days we will not consider additional friends towards the reward brackets.