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Coupon System - dogemac - 03-01-2019

[Image: coupon_dogemac.jpg]

We launch a new system called "COUPON" This program is very profitable for our miners. How to get coupon?
What is the price of coupon? What coupon use? please read the details above.

[Image: mk1K0Y.jpg]

How to get coupon?
You can get coupon in two ways.
  1. By buying the coupun itself.
  2. By upgrade your plan and get bonus coupon.

[Image: B4Kmd6.jpg]

What is the price of coupon:
The coupon price is 100 Dogecoin equals to 1 coupon. It is the same for upgrade a power plan. For every 100 Doge you will get 1 coupon.

What coupon use?
Coupon program is just like lottery system. After you get your coupon, you will able to change your coupon to dogecoin by rolling a number and get by a chance. For more information about prize see here.

[Image: CbIkgF.jpg]

*Any related information will be added soon

Warm regards